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kunoichi_naoko's Journal

Kunoichi Naoko aka 青龍
19 March
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About Languages, as I'm not a native English Speaker, I just want to tell you sorry for my bad English, and feel free to correct my mistakes, if you want, thank you~
By the way, I can only understand French (mother tongue), English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, sorry I don't understand other languages for the moment :s
Actually keep learning Chinese (Intermediate), Japanese (Intermediate) & Korean (Basis).

Pseudo : 青龍 Qing Long [CN] | Seiryu [JP]

Blog & Site Name : 女忍者 [CN] 尚子 [JP] Kunoichi Naoko aka K_尚子

Other Names (for Translation Language) : Naoko 尚子 (なおこ, ナオコ) JP | Qing 青 CN (あお ao | あおい, 青い aoi) | 청 Cheong KR (靑)

Birthday : 三月十九日

Nationality : フランス人 ( じん )

Occupation : くノー (くのいち) [SECRET]

Likes : Chocolate (チョコレート), Art and Fun

Hobbies : Play Video Games, Pictures and Photos Editing, Learn Asian Languages, Culture, Music and Cosplay

Favorite Games Series : (not in order)

- Assassin's Creed
- Bladestorm
- Bloody Roar
- Dynasty Warriors
- Final Fantasy
- Onimusha
- Resident Evil
- Samurai Warriors
- Street Fighter
- Tomb Raider
- Tenchu
- Warriors Orochi

Favorite Character Quotes :

x (JP) “Yatta!” - (EN) “I did it!”

~ Chun-Li, from Street Fighter

x (EN) “We'll do it together!” | “Together is better!”

~ Vanille, from Final Fantasy XIII

x (EN) “I'm more than just a pretty face!”

~ Diao Chan, from Dynasty Warriors 6

x (EN) “Who's keeping score ?” | (EN) “Who said a woman has to be weak ?”

~ Sun Shang Xiang, from Dynasty Warriors

x (EN) “Don't even think about touching me!”

~ Nu Wa, from Warriors Orochi 2

Favorite Songs :

星光 ~ Xing Guang (Chinese | Taiwanese) ~S.H.E.

雪月花 ~ Setsugekka -The end of silence- (Japanese) ~GACKT

小悪魔ヘヴン ~ Koakuma Heaven (Japanese) ~GACKT

Favorite Foods :

x Chocolate <3 <3 <3
x Chinese/Japanese noddles, like jiaozi
x Chinese/Malaysian sort of coconuts' baozi XD
x Cakes with amounds cream...
x Ice Cream <3

Favorite Events (in France) :

x Japan Expo (@ Paris)
x Japan Sun (@ Fabrègues)
x Japan Matsuri (@ Montpellier)
x Video Games Festival (@ Paris)
x Montpellier In Game (@ Montpellier)


I'm Qing Long in KOEI Warriors Forum & TKE Official Forum.
I also have a DeviantART, Twitter, & Youtube Account but they're inactive for the moment XD (will give their links later... added)
Also have Facebook & Skype, but I prefer to keep these two hidden...

Have a nice day ~~